What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are great sex toys for first timers or beginners who are looking to experiment with anal play. Anal beads are a series of hard plastic or soft rubber balls, either connected by ropes or integrated. These mini-spheres are inserted into the anus for erotic sensations and thrills. They are designed to stimulate the high number of nerve-endings in and around the anus. Sometimes the two ends of beads are of different sizes – starting from the smaller end, as you move upwards, anal beads gradually grow larger. Sometimes they are the same size throughout. At the end of the handle, there is a larger ring or something that sort which allows the user to pull out the beads and prevent the whole rope from sliding into the rectum.

Anal beads can be included in many fetishes including anal intercourse, buttock worship, spanking, enema or any other fetishes involving the buttocks, the anus, or the anal region. Men and women, both can use these adult toys in solo play and Gay and lesbians can use in couple play.

How can you use anal beads?

As with all anal sexual activity, anal beads and rectum should be fully lubricated with a special sexual lubricant for anal sexual activity. This is important because the rectum can easily torn or injured.

Anal beads must be slowly and gently inserted, one by one, into the anus. The sensitive, nerve-endings of the anus are artfully pressurized to enhance stimulation. They can be pulled back out gently or in one quick pull depending upon the wishes of the user to maximize pleasure.

See the ring on the end of your anal beads? That’s there to prevent losing the sex toy inside yourself. Never insert loose anal beads into your butt – chances are you’ll need to go to the hospital to remove them!

Anal Beads vs Butt Plugs

There isn’t a much difference between anal beads and other anal toys such as butt plugs. Anal beads are better for beginners, as they don’t have the big, solid mass of a butt plug. But, if you’re interested in more advanced ass play, check out our range of butt plugs too!

All in all, anal beads have proven to be an excellent addition in your sex toy collection. They can help you easily experiment with your booty before you move on to more hardcore stuff. Using them during sex or masturbation can lead to some pretty powerful orgasms.

How Anal Beads Work?

The insertion of anal beads does not produce any strong pleasure, and they usually do not feel good or bad when placed in the body. The basic premise behind the anal beads is that when you pull them out, the beads pass along the two circular sphincters, and then you feel a series of pleasures.
It can be considered similar to any other muscle massage, although these muscles are not often massaged. Just like regular massage, some people enjoy it, while others don’t like it at all.

Start slowly with Anal beads

Once you feel relaxed, be prepared to insert the beads, and there is a lot of oil on the beads, Pay attention to this feeling if you feel any pain or discomfort, or slow down, increase the oil, or stop. Once all the beads have been inserted, you can choose to do other things and stimulate yourself in other ways. When you are ready, start slowly pulling out the beads. In the end, you may want to do it faster or slower, but for the first time, it’s done very well and slowly. Note the feeling of each bead as it passes through the sphincter.

Regular use of anal beads

Some people say that the anal beads are pulled out at the climax point, which is a huge climax experience. You can certainly try to do this, but this is not necessary, and many people like to use anal beads at different times in sex games. Few people describe anal beads as their unique greatest sexual experience. They are not as popular as other sex toys, but they are still a fun and unique form of anal games and body sensations.

Use anal beads with your partner

Using anal beads on your partner is an exciting experience. It provides a lot of opportunities for building and making fun of your sexual behavior, while also adding a power element to your sexuality. But because the tissues of the anus and rectum are more likely to tear, this game is considered a higher risk, so it is important to maintain good communication with your partner before using anal beads. If you can’t tell your partner what to do, when to start, stop, or slow down, you shouldn’t use anal beads.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right anal beads product that’s best suited for you and order today.