Butt Plugs – Popular anal sex toy

Several people prefer to stimulate their anus, and the anal butt plug is the ideal option for them. They can use them according to their wishes and can be put on for a long time. They can also be used as sex toys for couple during romantic times. You can also use anal beads that are also an excellent option for gays and lesbians. Anal sex toys are popular because of the unique please that the users can derive. There are several options in butt plugs available online at Pinkbook.

Butt plugs for all

Butt plugs are becoming more and more popular around the world. Primarily used for stimulating the anus via insertion, these anal sex toys offer a lot more options and can be used during sex/masturbation to increase pressure and intensity. Similar to a dildo in many ways, these sex toys tend to be shorter and have a handle or a ring to maintain a fixed hold and prevent them going too deep into the rectum.

Anal Toys in India

The anal toys can stimulate the nerves in the anal opening and can be used by both sexes. Men can use it to stimulate the prostate, while women can stimulate their vulva. The butt toys can be made from different materials, like stainless steel, silicone, or glass. The gay sex toys can be used during a sexual encounter by a gay pair.

You can remove the inhibitions and use an anal plug with spherical components or balls to stimulate the zones around the anus. The couple sex toys have a smaller base and cannot be moved inside the anus. While you can use them alone, they can also be used when having sex in a group.

There are several lesbian sex toys that can be used to have a different feeling altogether. They can be used with a lubricant to make the insertion comfortable to the user and prevent any injury.

Why choose a Butt Plug?

The asshole is home to a lot of nerve endings, so putting pressure on them can lead to some intense, exciting moments. Butt plugs can be used by guys and girls, and are equally popular with both. Women like the full feeling a butt plug provides during sex, and can use butt plugs throughout the day to prepare for anal sex. Men can also get a lot out of using butt plugs, as they allow easy access to the prostate gland. Stimulating the prostate gland – known as the male G-spot – along with sexual intercourse/masturbation has been known to produce some intense, exhilarating orgasms for men.

How to use Butt Plug?

One of the great things about owning a butt plug is that it can be used anytime, anywhere and in any given situation. A lot of butt plug owners have these toys inserted into their rectums while taking care of normal day-to-day activities, with the toy acting as discreet, saucy secret – something private and exciting under the normal exterior.

It can also be a sexy, exciting and fun experience to go out on a date with your partner who has plugged one of these toys inside their anus. People enjoy wearing them outside for that added stimulation and the mental excitement of wearing a sex toy in public. It feels really thrilling to hide something this naughty butt plug under your dress without anybody else noticing a thing.

Sitting down with butt plugs inside of you can put more pressure on the prostate for men and can feel even more pleasurable. While plugs are mostly used for stimulating pleasurable nerve endings and the feeling of fullness, butt plugs are also used to stretch or train the anal muscles.  By slowly increasing the size of your butt plugs, they can be used to open a lot of new, exciting doors to your sex life and are a great training exercise to prepare you for anal sex.

Shop butt plugs on Pinkbook

The butt plug is a unique toy used by men and women to derive pleasure and ensure their fantasies can come to sex life. Women can use it to stimulate the anus or other sex organs. The anal toys for men can be used to stimulate the prostate too. 

You can buy butt plug in India online from a reputed store. It will ensure that the products are of the best quality and hygienic. At Pinkbook, there is an assortment of such products you can choose according to your wish. The products are shipped discreetly, and you will receive the shipment within two to five working days. 

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