There are various types of contemporary jewellery that can instantly make you look and feel sexy and gorgeous, and belly chains are one of them. In fact, this is the only piece of body jewellery that highlights your petite waistline and make it look absolutely stunning. There are many brands that make various styles and designs of belly chains. You can find and buy these belly chains online and get them delivered to your home.

Belly Belts for Women

Just like any other jewellery type, there is a great variety of belly belts available for you to choose from. And the good news is that you can find all those distinct varieties on Pinkbook itself. So, to help you make an informed decision, here are the different varieties of waist belts you can find on Pinkbook.

You can buy belly chains online for yourself or to gift to someone. 

Belly Chain- Enhance Your Glamor Quotient

Belly chains, as apparent from the name, are worn just slightly below the waist and around your belly.  Made from metals such as gold or silver – and sometimes artificial materials as well – belly chains may even feature embellishments to complete their look. But the best thing about belly chains is that they are available in many different designs. This makes them extremely versatile. You can personalize each chain however you like by adding hanging elements or embellishments; or simply embellish plain chains. Brides tend to choose a belly chain for their wedding look to make them look more elegant and royal at the same time. Thus, the belly chain is a great way of enhancing and showing off your hot waistline.

Styles and Materials of Belly Chains

You can buy an ethnic or contemporary chain online. There are chains made of alloy, brass, gold, metal, silver, and yellow gold that you can choose to buy. The colour and durability of these chains depend on the material they are made of, and you can wear more than two belly chains at a time to make your own style statement. 

Antique Hip Belt

If you are into vintage and antique jewellery, then antique hip belts are the perfect way to add charming aura to your outfit. Each piece of vintage and antique hip belt not only exudes elegance but also tells a story about India’s rich history itself. You can wear antique hip belts with many different outfits, like sarees, lehengas, half sarees, bikinis etc. With it, you can add a vintage appeal to your look and elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gemstone-studded Belly Chains

There are plain chains and gemstone-studded chains that you can choose to buy and wear. You can buy a chain that is studded with diamonds, moonstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and topazes or any other gemstones online. You can buy these belly chains in black, blue, red, silver, and golden shades among others. 

So, log on Pinkbook and start buying these and more fashion jewellery items to stay trendy.