Red Crystal Jewel Anal Butt Plug For Women

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Product name : Red Crystal Jewel Anal Butt Plug For Women

Pc : 1

Metal : Silicone

Color : Red, Grey, Pink

Finish : Chrome finish

Butt plug size : Medium size

Length : 10 cm

Circumferences: 12 cm

Generic name : Anal plug

Best use for : Women, girls, gay, lesbian

Origin : India

Note : Non returnable product


Red Crystal Jewel Anal Butt Plug For Women

The real fun begins when you lean over and let your sweetheart catch a glance at the sparkly “gem butt plug” you’re wearing.

Jewel butt plugs are a wild erotic surprise – whether you show them out in person or send naughty photos! Designed using durable material, you will find they are easy to use, clean, and reuse again. for every anal beginner to experience erotic anal stimulation.
The show’s true star is the Beautiful Crystal Jewel at the base of the Anal Plug, which shimmers and shines much like the real thing, adding a sense of vividness and luxury to your anal play. It’s a great Anal Sex Plug that can be used as a solo or a couple’s. Enjoy!

Anal Toy Best Gift : This women anal butt plug toy is the best gifts for lesbians, gay, couples, man woman lovers. This toy has beautiful shape, hard texture, full strong, providing a great sex toys for couples, men & women.

Silicone Material Adult Anal Sex Toy : This anal plug toy is made of high quality silicone so, it’s Safe, non-poisonous, no odour and no rusting. This anal masturbating toy for anal stimulation is 100% waterproof.

So, have fun when you are in a shower or lying in your bathtub, and it’s easy to clean and stock. For explore your partner, This anal toy is a lovely and surprised toy for you.

Butt Plug Butt training plugs sex toys for women use secret packaging bag to keep the private sex toy.

Butt plugs /anal plugs is smooth, solid in design, adornment sex toys. This butt plug works even better with male masturbators toys. Butt plugs for women gives you the full range of pleasure. 

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Beginner-Friendly Butt Plug

If you’re ready to take your sex play to the next level, the Butt Plug may be it! This medium plug has taken India’s anal play aficionados by storm!

This medium chrome-plated Butt Plug is the epitome of elegance! Its compact shape gently tapers at its end.

Safety – 

This anal plug is medically safe and super comfortable as it is crafted from silicone and anti-allergenic chrome plating.

Beginners will find our medium anal plug a delightful intro to anal play – it is a perfect starter piece. Its slim, tapered tip is easy to insert, and a rounded body maximizes stimulation and pleasure. The medium butt plug has a  maximum diameter of 3.3 cm. That’s just over an inch! It has a maximum insertion depth of 8 cm and you control how far you want to go.

It is thick enough to provide pleasant stimulation. If you have any experience with Anal play, this is the size for you.

Everyone can enjoy this anal sex toy. The Butt Plug is ideal for men and women alike. Women will enjoy its compact size and tapered shape as it provides a gentle intro to anal stimulation in solo play. Men new to anal play can comfortably use this medium plug before moving on to larger anal toys.

Butt plugs stimulate sensitive nerve endings in the anal canal so women and men alike can enjoy sublime anal pleasures! Apart from the feeling of fullness, men increase the intensity of orgasm by stimulating their prostate. Women raise the power of THEIR orgasms by titillating the “A-spot”. The A-spot lives deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder.

Moreover, it’s super easy to clean since it’s completely waterproof. To keep your new sex toy in top shape for years to come, just use plenty of water-based lube for easy insertion, and clean it by washing it with soap and water or a toy cleaner afterwards.

How To Use A medium Anal Plug

Always insert the Butt Plug slowly and gently so as not to harm yourself or your partner, and make sure to apply a generous amount of water-based lube beforehand. When you’ve finished your session, clean your butt plug thoroughly with soap, water, or toy cleaner, and allow it to dry completely. It is best if you clean your toy before and after each use.


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