Tenga Air Flow Vacuum Cup Masturbator For Men

Original price was: ₹3,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,699.00.

Product: Tenga Air Flow Vacuum Cup Masturbator For Men

Sales package: 1 Pc

Color: Multicolor

Size: 5.8 x 1.77 inches

Materials: TPE and PE

Best use for: Men, Boys

Use: One-time use

Waterproof: Yes

Handheld: Yes

Weight: 208 grams

Brand: Tenga

Generic name: Masturbator

Origin: UK


Tenga Air Flow Vacuum Cup Masturbator For Men

So guys, this time we have tenga cup masturbator, a true sexual plesure toy for men. say hello to your new bedroom lover, the disposable Tenga Air Flow Cup Masturbator Soft Sensations! This is the only kind of repelling your penis will love having. As you push yourself in, it tends to force back the spiral structure on you for impressive stimulation. The flex on the Tenga Air Flow Cup is real! So, The solid pull, tight push creates sensitive sensations for you. If you love to challenge yourself by edging, this one is a great assistant.

The powerful suction of the soft sleeve will truly test your patience. Unwrapping it is a calming process while using it is absolutely wild. Immersing yourself in pleasure becomes easy when you can slide down easily, right? It is already lubricated for you to help you enjoy more time with it, instead of applying the lube. Its meticulous design does a good job of keeping it where it is supposed to be – on your penis.

The masturbator doesn’t allow it to seep out from anywhere but applies it on you, for you. With every thrust, your penis will get wetter with the lube for a realistic and pleasurable feel. The Smooth Pad insertion mechanism provides additional adherence and a more solid squeeze. This product is disposable and prelubricated.

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