Virginia Care Artificial Hymen (Pack of 2)

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Product: Virginia Care Artificial Hymen (Pack of 2)

Sales package: Artificial hymen (pack of 2)

Brand: Virginia care

Best use for: Girls, women

Origin: India


Virginia Care Artificial Hymen (Pack of 2) For Women

So girls, you can restore your virginity via artificial hymen.

Virginia Care Artificial Himen is made up of two sterile cellulose membranes, contains synthetic blood.

It helps in bringing virginity lost due to various factors like an accident, injuries, heavy exercise, gymnastics, swimming, and intercourse. So It stimulates the loss of blood during intercourse and is totally natural with no side effects. Best sexual wellness product for women

Benefits –

  • No side effect on the vaginal pH
  • Convenient and rapid insertion
  • No pain and no surgery required

How to use artificial hymen –

  • Wash hands with soap and dry it
  • Get in the most comfortable position to insert the hymen
  • Take the hymen on the index finger
  • Hold folds of skin around the vagina
  • Ensure to do it before 30-120 minutes before intercourse
  • Try to insert as deep as possible
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid tampon while using Artificial Hymen
  • Do not use the if allergic
  • Avoid in pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation

artificial hymen for girls artificial hymen for womens

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