Male masturbators are the sex toys for men we all need, to gain the ultimate pleasure. Masturbation as a process is common in India but buying a sex toy is still a daring thing to do. Contrary to popular belief, there are sex toys designed for men. These are called ‘male masturbators‘ or ‘strokers‘. After all, ‘why should women have all the fun?

Being one of the most popular type of masturbators, the male masturbator cup is a very convenient sex toy. It is easy to carry around both at home and for travel. The different types of male masturbator delivers either oral or vagina pleasure to to the users of masturbator for men. You can get heightened orgasms when using their male masturbators.

What are Male Masturbators?

A masturbator can be simply defined as a device that helps you masturbate. Now, we are sure we need not expand upon what masturbation is. There is nothing as soothing as masturbating when you are under stress or when your partner is not around to help you satisfy your physiological needs. Thus, a masturbator is all that can change the game for you and your partner. We know all you guys can masturbate with the use of your own hands and thus clearly feel like these masturbators will be of no use. Well, this is the kind of notion we are here to demolish. Masturbating regularly with your hands can often lead you to get bored with the same kind of sensation every single time. It is time to up your wanking game. Let those nuts loosen up a bit in a fascinating fashion only with PinkBook’s masturbators.

How to Use Masturbators?

All these masturbators are very user-friendly. This also reflects upon the fact that PinkBook does all that it can to provide you with easy-to-use and good-quality products to ensure you have a great sex life.

Tip: You might want to use some Masturbations lubricants or regular lubricants while getting WILD with it. But below here is some important considerations if you are a complete new soldier in this territory:

  • Select the masturbator that suits your style.
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of male masturbator. Don’t forget to check the user manual for operation and care. 
  • Next, put yourself in a comfort zone. Take out all your stuff (male masturbator, lubricant, and cleaning kit).
  • Now, turn on your favorite erotic movie or play one in your mind :p
  • In addition, put some lubricant inside the masturbator and on your penis to reduce friction. It will improve your experience and you will last long.
  • Try its features. You can adjust the stroke speed (if it’s a vibrating one) according to your comfort. Enjoy as long as you want to.
  • Moreover, after masturbation, you will feel calm and relaxed.
  • Don’t forget to clean the masturbator for your next session.
  • Clean it with a detergent solution.

Comfort of Men’s Masturbation Cup

For a guy who prefers to simulate penetration in the privacy of his own home, a masturbation cup is the greatest way to acquire the sensation of penetration without really having to touch his genitals. They come in the shape of anything from discreet-looking tenga cups with nodules to Fleshlights with realistic-looking vulvas, as well as rechargeable vibrating masturbation cup that can really offer feedback and training. A water based lube and some sexy nude pictures will also go a long way in enhancing the experience of everyone.

Types of Male Masturbators

There are a variety of masturbators available in the marketplace and we have all of them only at PinkBook India. The following are some of the best available options for you to make a call. Each of these masturbators comes along with a unique function of its own. Here you go –

Cock Rings
cock ring, The name denotes its feature. The cock or penis rings are worn around the penis or scrotum or both. These male masturbators can be worn when the penis is erect or semi-erect. It is useful to boost your penis size & endurance to last long. These are available in many colors. Our red color variant is a hot favorite of women. These fantastically crafted rings can be a life-changing experience for you and your little soldier. Cock rings are to be placed around your little one. Make sure you are wearing them when your penis is erect. This device helps your erection last longer. These are available in some great colors. Size is not an issue.

Purpose of Cock Rings
These cock rings reduce the blood circulation to the penis. Making it erect and lasting longer. Thus, it increases the male ejaculation time. This will help you satisfy your partner. You can improve premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction with this. Don’t forget to take the lubricants.

Penis Sleeves
Penis sleeves are also popular by the name penis extensions. These sleeves can be really fun to use. It helps you increase the pleasure that you look to gain by engaging in self-discovery mode. They are long hollow tubes. They are used as penis extensions. Moreover, these are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Purpose of Penis Sleeves
These penis sleeves are efficient in improving the length and girth of your penis. Thus, it also results in better sexual intercourse with your partner.

flash light, It’s the favorite buddy toy among male masturbators. It resembles a female vagina. It’s a dummy version with soft touch inside. It’s hard outside. You can always use it in your bed or bathroom. The Sunny Leone, mia khalifa and Jessica Andrews stroker versions are hot favorites.

These masturbators are one of the most popular masturbators around the world. The reason behind its popularity is quite simple and easy to grasp. Fleshlights are made to look like a real vagina. This does a lot more than we could comprehend. Moreover, these fleshlights are soft as a real one from the inside just to make you feel better.

Purpose of Fleshlights
Fleshlight is one of the most popular companies for all pussy lovers. These are effective in improving erection problems. It improves one’s stamina.

Tenga Cups
Tanga Cup, Love getting blowjobs? Yes, this one is the best-suited masturbator for you then. There is a good reason these Tenga cups are in great demand in the Indian markets. These are also popular as deep-throat cups. Get ready to get a fulfilling experience with these Tenga cups. All you need to do is in order! These cups are ‘Deep Throat Cups’. These male masturbators are specially designed for all blowjob lovers. Thus, one can satisfy his desire for the deep throat by using this. Always try to use it wearing a thin condom for a better experience.

Purpose of Tenga Cups  Never forget to wear a condom using it. It makes you feel more smooth inside. Don’t forget to carry your extra pack of lubes.

Sex Dolls
Now, sex dolls are a dummy version of your partner. Moreover, these dolls never complain or demand. Therefore, you can use them as you wish.

Purpose of Sex Dolls
These dolls are all you want in life. Yes, we mean it. These are crafted to suit your fantasies. We dare you to find a minute difference between a girl and sex dolls from a distance. You will fail to find one. We are dead sure. Nothing enhances your solo time like a sex doll. It is a value money purchase. Use it as a replacement for your partner, when she’s out of town. All the virgin men can use it to their advantage. Always experiment with different positions to find your position. Always clean it after use.

Prostate Massager
One might not be comfortable playing with one’s anus. But it provides some amazing health benefits. These are anal sex toys or butt plugs that keep your prostate gland healthy. The prostate gland’s function is to carry a fluid that keeps your sperm healthy. This gland is located inside the anus. Prostate massagers are so underrated. Yes, believe us they are way more than we humans know about it. Using this can have great health benefits. Not to miss out on the brilliant amount of pleasure.

Purpose of Prostate Massager
It’s good for the prostate and anal stimulation. Moreover, strengthens the prostate muscle and keeps it healthy. Therefore, it’s a must for all men.

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy is a vagina shape realistic-looking masturbator made with medical-grade silicone and ribbed texture inside for realistic feeling and explosive orgasm. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket.

Super Pocket Pussy Masturbator for Men

PinkBook is here for you to find your best sex toy. Yes, we believe in making you fetch the best and the most suitable sex toy for you. Thus, we have already provided a brief description of all the male masturbators available on the market. You can always go through their description before purchasing the one that you think would serve your purpose the best.