Re-define self-love with the revolutionary and affordable tenga sex toys that motivate you to be true to your sexual pleasure! Widely accepted for their efficient packaging, comfortable design, and versatile nature, Tenga toys are the best choice for beginners and sex toy connoisseurs alike. Featuring a several range of masturbators, Tenga is an internationally acclaimed brand selling 12,000+ units of its products daily.

What is Tenga Cups?

Tenga Cups are male masturbation devices and were first introduced in the market by Tenga in 2005, a Japanese company solely dedicated to providing masturbation aids. These products are specifically designed to provide ultimate stimulation of the male sexual organ and have won several industrial design awards for their spectacular design aesthetics. Originally launched as the Deep Throat Cups, the company recently changed the name of these products to the Original Vacuum Cup. We, at Pink Book India have always tried to provide you with masturbating cups that provide stimulation via an ideal mixture of suction and surface.

High Quality and Innovative Toys

The brand stands up to its name with the transformational pleasure products it has introduced in the market. Tenga cup encourages its customers to explore their pleasure with no bounds! Own your passion and orgasms with the Tenga range of pleasure products- designed to celebrate your individuality. Explore super-stretchable Egg masturbators for convenient pleasure; compact Disposable cup masturbators for one-time use; distinctive Flip series masturbators that can be split open; and Tenga 3D series illustrated with geometric patterns for enhanced stimulation. Grab all the Tenga sex toys in India and experience the epitome of male pleasure at Pinkbook.

How does Tenga Cups work?

All these masturbating cups work like a smooth pad insertion instrument. This means that the internal part of the cup that touches the penis is made with a soft, smooth material and helps enhance the air tight sensation. They all feature a unique valve that forms a “virtual vacuum” in the internal area of the cup. Once you have it in your hand, all you have to do is remove the stickers and insert your penis inside. Removing the silver sticker on the top reveals an air hole which makes it easy to insert the penis inside by removing the extra air from the chamber. This air hole is also used to increase suction effect by creating a vacuum by covering it with your finger. These Tenga Cups come pre-loaded with lubrication creating an optimal masturbating device. The lubricant included within is used to assist in insertion and works like a charm with the texture of the product to give exhilarating sensations to the user. Here is a list of reasons why you should add this innovative masturbating toy to your shopping list:

  • These products greatly improve the masturbating experience
  • super easy to use.
  • Unpack the product, insert your penis and stroke away.
  • You do not need to worry about buying lubricants as it is self-lubricated
  • You do not need to worry about washing or cleaning the toy as they are made for one-time usage and are easily disposable
  • They are also very cleverly designed to not look like sex toys which make these products quite discreet.
  • You can travel with them and use them anywhere.
  • The suction hole on the top of the head is there to enhance the sucking sensation by creating a vacuum when closed with a finger
  • Comes in three different firmness options: soft, standard and hard
  • Reusable Tenga cups cater ideally to all your masturbating requirements


Can I reuse TENGA Products?

TENGA offers a wide range of products that can be conveniently categorized into disposables and reusables by the brand’s instructions. While TENGA Eggs and Disposable Cups are better for one-time use, you can conveniently use TENGA Flip, Spinner, and 3D for longer terms. Remember, the longevity of any sex toy depends upon the aftercare of your product, so clean your toys thoroughly after and before every use to avoid bacterial infections!

Do I need lube for a TENGA?

A lubricant is designed to enhance your pleasure experience with your sex toy to manifolds, and if you are a preacher of ‘Wetter is Better’, then using a lubricant with your TENGA masturbator is a smart choice. Now, the question is the kind of lubricant should you choose? Usually, TENGA Eggs come with Egg Lotion to be applied on the inner layer of the egg for a gliding finish. For other variants, we recommend complementing with the Tenga Hole Lotion Lubricant for tantalizing sensations however, you can pair your Tenga toys with any water-based lubricant for a smooth ride!

How do I maintain my TENGA?

TENGA Toys are popular for their efficient design and convenient maintenance, so you do not have to fret about going the extra mile to keep it clean. The TENGA Eggs and Disposable Cups can be easily re-sealed and disposed of after use. For TENGA Flip, Spinner, and 3D masturbators, we recommend thorough cleaning using an effective toy cleaner and cold or lukewarm water. Do not forget to air dry your TENGA or pat it dry with a towel before keeping it away. We advise not storing your TENGA without a cleanup for product longevity and intimate hygiene.

Do TENGA Toys feel like real sex?

While nothing can substitute the intimacy and sensations of a partnered play, TENGA strives to deliver sensual and unique stimulations that the user can relish in their solo play. Unlike Fleshlights, TENGA doesn’t mimic a real vagina but, offers a variety of snug-comfort sensations to your penis through its innovative inner texture that makes masturbation an ecstatic experience for you! You are in the mood for a simple play or nasty rub- your TENGA is there to gratify you.

How to use TENGA Toys?

Due to the distinguishing characteristics, every Tenga toy comes with its own set of user instructions.

Using Tenga Eggs:

Remove the shrink wrapping of the egg-shaped case, and apply the given Egg Lotion to the inside of the Egg and its entry point.
Insert and pull down by the base of the Egg to avoid breakage.
Once finished, place the used item back into the egg-shaped casing, seal it again, and dispose of it.

Using Tenga Spinners:

  • Remove the case by slight twisting, and unwrap the Spinner from its protective plastic.
  • Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point of the Spinner.Hold near the tip of the Spinner while stroking will maximise the twisting sensation of the product.

Using Tenga Flip:

  • Remove the outer case, and slide arms from the Flip by slight twists and lifts.
  • Squeeze the rails lightly to open the Flip, lubricate the inside and entry point, and close it again.
  • Slide the slide arms back on, insert and enjoy. Remember, the pressure pads are helpful for added controlled stimulation.

Using Tenga Disposable Cups:

  • Remove shrink wrapping, cap, and peelable sticker from the top of the Disposable Cup.
  • Insert and move around to stimulate. You can also cover the air hole for more suction.
  • Once finished, replace the cap, and dispose of the Cup.

Using Tenga 3D:

  • Remove the clear top case and the 3D masturbator from its stand.
  • Invert the masturbator, so the 3D designs on the exterior become the stimulating internal details.
  • Lubricate the inside and the entry point of the 3D. Enjoy!

What are the advantages of Tenga sex toys?

Tenga sex toys are extensively examined to deliver state-of-the-art products to the customer. The Tenga sex toys comprise durable and flexible materials that allow comfortable use and longer product life. Owing to the inventive style, Tenga toys are portable and offer a wide variety of sensations to the users to truly experience pleasure in its absolute form. The innovative product range resonates with those who believe in achieving the best and unique experiences.

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