Some people always look forward to new ways of stimulating themselves. The urethra is close to the genitals and can be stimulated to bring out orgasms. However, care must be taken to prevent injury. The urethral stricture can be used while having sex with a partner too. However, it is better to experience it personally first before using it during sex. You can shop for urethral sounding instruments at Pinkbook.

What is Urethral Sounding? 

Urethral sounding is a unique way of satisfying sexual desires. The term urethral sounding refers to inserting a foreign object (typically a long steel rod) into the urethra (pee-hole). Like vibrators, sounding devices were invented to perform medical treatments; it is used in urethral stricture treatment, to clear blockages, or dilate the urethra. Today sounds are available in multiple shapes, sizes and materials and are equipped to bring pleasure to men through sounding urethra. One can enjoy wild experiences by using Penis Plugs or male-sounding steel rods. Using these sex toys can provide profound enjoyment.

Different types of Urethral Sounding

There are essentially two urethral sound types, the penis plug and the urethral sounding rod.

Penis Plugs

Sounding plugs are perfect for beginners and a good sex toy for experimenting. If it is your first time sounding urethra, we recommend opting for plugs. A urethral plug is small in size and penetrates only a few inches into the urethra. They usually have a T-ring attached at the end that hangs outside of the urethra for pulling it out with ease. The hollowed-out centre of penis plugs makes it the perfect product for beginners. It allows passing bodily fluids (urine or cum) through the penis plug while enjoying masturbation and sexual stimulation worry-free.

Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounds are the most common types of urethral toys enjoyed for enhancing stimulation in the penis. We must mention that deep urethral sounding comes with its own set of risks and should be performed carefully. Sounding urethra with a cervical dilator might be out of the question if you have even never tried anal play. A urethral dilator is longer than a penis plug and comes in various textures and materials. 

Benefits of Urethral Sounding

Leads to sexual fulfillment

Several people prefer to have something new and experiment with their sex life. Using the penis catheter can be a form of enjoyment for some. Stimulating the urethra can provide the stimulus that few people need. Urethral insertion can give pleasure and provide the ideal moment to help your sexual dreams come true. The sensations can be had with the help of a partner and solo too.

Provides new sensations

One of the unique benefits of the penis plug is that it provides unique sensations that the users may not have encountered earlier. You can try once by using a lubricant on the penis plugs. It can spice up your sex life and provide the shattering orgasms you have been waiting for long. It is also helpful for those who look for trying something new. The users can have a unique level of pleasure not encountered before. New spots in the genitals can be found that lead to better orgasms.

Enhancing sex power

Using a penis catheter can lead to more robust and harder erections. However, if you feel that it can cure erectile dysfunction, you can be in for a surprise. But having a sturdy toy inside the urethra can lead to stiffer erections. Sometimes they need not use any other means to have huge erections. They can only add to the level of erections you have.

Safety Precautions to Take While Using Penis Plug
  • Pick a size that fits well, not too thin or thick. Start with a smooth surface and then move onto ribbed and texted ones. 
  • Before urethral insertion, thoroughly clean your hands and sounding device as this helps avoid bacteria growth and infection. 
  • Buy medical grade lubricant and reapply as much as required.
  • Deep urethral sounding requires patience and practice. Do not go too far as you may poke and irritate your bladder. 
  • Enjoy urethral sounding men with plugs or rods, but remember to take a break. Intervals are important, especially if you are a beginner. 
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