Choosing a sex toy in India is only hard when it comes down to the overwhelming amount of choice you’re faced with. Dildos aren’t just for the girls but can serve to spice up any intimate moments you and your partner might come across. They are made for penetrative fun and can be used alongside many other sex toys, or even solo.

There are a ton of different ones to choose from. Different styles, textures, colors, shapes and sizes of dildos mean that you can tailor your sexual experience to a dildo that represents you best. Get a variety of them so that your collection is set to satisfy, every time.

Alongside dildos, you should always be considering picking up some special sex toy cleaning solution, and a dildo friendly lube. Usually, water or silicone-based lubes are the ideal choices for your sex toys. 

What is a Dildo?

Dildo is a sex toy that reproduces a penis. It is much popular among both men and women for its wide range of uses, including masturbation, sex, and anal play. Because of the wide variety, many people own more than one type of Dildo.

Why are Dildos popular?

There are several reasons for Dildo’s popularity among sex toys.

  • No size reduction
  • Choose the size and shape you want
  • Dildo is suitable for what you want to play
  • Realistic dildo without vibe?

Unlike a penis, the Dildo does not get smaller and you can choose the size and type of Dildo according to your preference. It always stays hard and gives you pleasure at any time.

Furthermore, without the vibrator, the Dildo does not emit sound, so even those who live with their families can use it without fear of noise. Because it gives you the best pleasure at the time of your choice that Dildo has become a popular sex toy. With a dildo, you can recreate your ideal size and shape of pleasure.

Dildo Sizes

They can be huge. They can be tiny. They can be in between. Dildos are designed with your comfort in mind. If it’s your first time using one for yourself, consider starting out with something a bit smaller, you can always work your way up to something a bit larger should you feel you could take it.

  • Small dildo – 5 inches or less
  • Medium dildo – 5 to 6.5 inches
  • Large dildo – over 6.5 inches

If you are inexperienced in sex or anal masturbation, we recommend starting with size S.

Having a variety of dildo sizes is great as different partners may have different preferences for what feels best to them. And, your personal preferences may change over time.

Types of Dildo

there are many types of Dildo, and one of the most attractive features is that you can choose the one that best suits the kind of play you want to do.

  • Realistic dildo – This Dildo reproduces a realistic penis. This is the most basic type of Dildo. This category is popular among first-time Dildo buyers.
  • Strap on dildo – This Dildo can be worn between the legs and Popular with both men and women. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, including female-on-female sex, anal sex, and as an aid for men who have difficulty getting an erection. 
  • Dildo vibrator – This Dildo is equipped with a vibration function. It is recommended for those who seek stronger pleasure, as they can enjoy both insertion and vibration stimulation at the same time. It is often used by men as foreplay for sex, as well as for masturbation.
  • Suction cup dildo –

    This Dildo is equipped with suction cups. By placing the suction cup on a flat surface such as a wall or floor, you can enjoy hands-free masturbation. This is a Dildo for intermediate users who enjoy masturbation in a variety of positions.

  • Large dildo -This Dildo is more than one size larger than the average size. This is an advanced Dildo recommended for those who want a more stimulating experience. It is a pleasure that can never be obtained with a normal penis. It is also popular as anal dildo for anal use.

  • Anal dildo – Anal Dildo is a Dildo suitable for insertion into Anal. Most are black in color, which does not show dirt easily. Unlike the Dildo introduced so far, there are many variations in shape. It is interesting that each one has a completely different stimulus. Choose a small one at first & it’s available in shapes other than penises.

  • Dildos with Curves – Curved dildos are most often seen in the realistic category, getting that oh so sexy angle, perfectly arced to put just the right amount of pressure on your most sensitive areas. Curved ones work great for both g-spot and prostate stimulation

How to maintain a Dildo?

As mentioned above, silicone Dildo is highly durable, but it is important to maintain it well. If the Dildo is left in place after use, bacteria will grow.

  • Clean with lukewarm water
  • Wash carefully with soap
  • Wipe out the water
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Dildo further enhances masturbation and sex. With so many products in this popular category, you are sure to find the Dildo you want. We hope you will use the information we have provided to find your favorite Dildo.